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Cell Phone Repair?

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Apr. 13th, 2011 | 11:23 am
mood: frustratedfrustrated
posted by: jedibl in pittsburgh

Does anyone know of anyplace that will do cell phone repairs in the Pittsburgh area? I have a Samsung Rogue (Verizon) that's no longer under warranty. The touch-screen on the phone is broken (meaning I have to do most things via voice command!), but I'm not eligible for a phone upgrade until December. The internet seems to suggest that it's not impossible to replace the digitizer on a Samsung Rogue, but I'd rather pay someone to do it for me than pay to ship parts from Hong Kong and then do it myself. Does anyone know of a place that (a) might have the necessary parts in stock, and (b) you'd trust to do a repair like this?

It looks like CCI Wireless in Monroeville will fix all varieties of Touch Screen phone, but I don't see any user reviews for them anywhere so I don't know if they can be trusted. Anyone have first-hand experience?


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from: deaddreamer_
date: Apr. 14th, 2011 08:53 am (UTC)

Have you looked into seeing if you can add the warranty on your cell plan? I know Verizon lets you add it any time as far as I know. I think it's like $5 a month and they will replace your phone for $50 (which is usually the going replacement fee w/ the companies I've dealt with over the last ten years) I don't know if they have any stipulations that you have to wait so long to get the phone replaced and what not. I don't think verizon does. I hope you can figure something out! I am suggesting this cause it very well could cost ya more to get that fixed than to add on the protection plan. I hate to pay extra every month for it but I figure it's $10 for both phones (mine and my husbands) and its def. worth it if something does happen to the phone. I got it especially b/c we got $250 touch screen LG Voyagers and I've always heard of people having their touch screens break on various types of the touch screen phones.

Good luck and I hope ya figure something out that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg! :)


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