Scooters in Pittsburgh

I live in Highland Park and am thinking about getting a Vespa or similar scooter. Anyone know how safe they are parked on the street, ways to minimize weather effects (no garage), etc. Any advice would be appreciated!

A plea to my fellow Pittsburghers

Hi folks. As a former small business owner, I know how hard it is to keep a labor of love going. If you've been in Squirrel Hill on Murray Avenue, you may have passed Naya, the Syrian restaurant at 2018 Murray. I am in no way affiliated with the place. I just think the food is fantastic, and the owner (Radwa) an amazingly hard-working and kind woman.

Sadly, she is struggling every day for customers, while the restaurants around her are doing well. I wish I could get people in there to at least give the food a try, because I think they'd return for sure.

Anyway, I guess this is a two-fold request:

1. If you've never been there, please give it a try! Her baba is amazing, she makes a smokey, tangy sleek with kale, and perfectly seasoned and wonderfully thick Syrian coffee.

2. I was thinking of trying to organize a cash mob but have no idea where to start. Any creative suggestions on getting the word out would be welcome.

Hope this isn't too commercial a post. I just want to try to keep her around in the neighborhood as long as possible.

snow me

Dave Matthews - VIP Parking

Wow, I haven't been on LiveJournal in a long time...

My roommate and I have a super sexy VIP parking pass for the Dave Matthews Concert on June 28 in Burgettstown, plus I'm disabled and have a placard so we get the best of the best in terms of parking. What we don't have... is a car.

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So here's the deal. If you're willing to pick up and drop off two fun ladies in Shadyside and promise not to get plastered during the concert (I refuse to get in a car with a drunk driver), in return you get awesome awesome parking for free. We're cool with there early to tailgate and whatnot.

Reply here or send me an email at my username at gmail dot com and we can work out the details.

Thank you so much!

update about Veterans' Taxi

I inquired in this post a few months ago about the reliability of Veterans' Taxi. I can report that they were good, showed up at my home on time, and gave us a quick ride out to the airport. That was early on a Saturday afternoon. However, Veterans' Taxi is part of the Star Transportation Group, which operates a few non-Yellow taxi lines around Allegheny County and they share a switchboard. As it was, it was a Cranberry Taxi that picked us up. I used them again a couple of weeks ago, requiring a 4 a.m. Saturday pickup at home and to the airport. This time, it was a genuine Veterans' Taxi, again on time, quick, and about the same cost as most taxis from the middle of Pittsburgh to the airport: roughly 42 bucks.
Wild Blue (Eileen Ivers)

Violin teacher recommendations?

I can't remember if I've asked this at some point in the past...I'm looking for a private violin teacher, both for help with working on music as well as aiding with posture. I'm an adult amateur violinist, fairly advanced (so not looking for a teacher that mostly works with kids), but I've been having major posture issues and pain in my left shoulder whenever I've played over the last couple of years, and I can't figure out how to correct this on my own.

Any suggestions for PGH-area violinists/teachers who can help me work through this would be incredibly appreciated. I'm in the East End but willing to drive out to the suburbs. Thank you!

Is Veterans' Taxi reliable?

I want to reserve a cab to take my son to the airport on Saturday, and I'd like to give a smaller taxi service some business. One I've seen around downtown is Veterans' Taxi, but I've never used them, and I want to make sure they pick my son up on time and to the airport on time. Have you ever used this service? If so, what do you think of it? By the way, I'm still considering Super Shuttle, but I know they sometimes make multiple stops en route to destinations.