Jedi Girl (jedibl) wrote in pittsburgh,
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Cell Phone Repair?

Does anyone know of anyplace that will do cell phone repairs in the Pittsburgh area? I have a Samsung Rogue (Verizon) that's no longer under warranty. The touch-screen on the phone is broken (meaning I have to do most things via voice command!), but I'm not eligible for a phone upgrade until December. The internet seems to suggest that it's not impossible to replace the digitizer on a Samsung Rogue, but I'd rather pay someone to do it for me than pay to ship parts from Hong Kong and then do it myself. Does anyone know of a place that (a) might have the necessary parts in stock, and (b) you'd trust to do a repair like this?

It looks like CCI Wireless in Monroeville will fix all varieties of Touch Screen phone, but I don't see any user reviews for them anywhere so I don't know if they can be trusted. Anyone have first-hand experience?

Tags: repairs
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